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As Project Manager, FasTrack assumes the overall project controls on behalf of the client’s Owner Representative, by furnishing the following professional services: 

  • Provide Site Leadership for the project, with appropriate staffing using experienced professionals to supplement the Client’s own workforce

  • Monitoring of Design Progress, insuring that the designs and associated produced by the A/E and other design consultants are on schedule

  • Information Distribution – all project communications and correspondence is coordinated and disseminated by the PM

  • Establish Documentation and Communication requirements including delineation of lines of authority.

  • Serve as the contractor’s on-site Point-of-Contact and Liaison between the Client and contractors, design team, regulatory agencies,

  • Keep the Client informed on the Progress of the Work and recommend possible modifications that will expedite the Project or result in an improved, more easily maintained final product, on an on-going basis

  • Provide bid analysis, general contractor selection and contract negotiations and award support

  • Manage the Oversight of the Works through to completion and turnover. This includes inspection of the work for compliance with construction documents, and integration into the desired final product

  • Oversee a Claim Management System to minimize and mitigate claims with appropriate documentation and planning; E&O (errors & omissions) issues are identified and handled as they arise. FasTrack Associates’ paramount concern is always claim avoidance via a proactive project management approach, documentation, and control system as noted above

  • Provides Logistical Planning for the Project, including detailed review, analysis and recommendations of how to buy out the Project, review of local contracting options & pre-qualifications, oversee the sub-projects that require detailed planning of material shipments and performs an on-going review of plans and specifications for constructability.

  • Assist the Client in Project Close-Out/Commissioning: the PM, in coordination with the Client, the Operator and the Design Team, develops detailed punch lists to ensure the final product is strictly in accordance with all contract documents, ensuring that all appropriate closeout contractual documents such as lien and retention releases are in place and all Operations Manuals and As-Builts sets of drawings & specifications are on file. 

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