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Independently from full service / full accountability engagements, FasTrack Associates also provides limited scope support for Clients that only require assistance for a very specific issue, such as

  • Cost Estimating analysis to verify the use of appropriate costs baselines from the relevant market. 

  • Peer Reviews wherein the construction documents and specifications are scrutinized by an independent third party for coordination, constructability, scope coverage and design efficiency.

  • Value Engineering work wherein the project’s scope, design approach and specifications are examined in detail with a view to reduce costs without affecting quality and/or delivery. 

  • Claims Analysis and Construction Dispute Resolution wherein a thorough impartial review of the circumstances leading to the dispute is performed and documented, with negotiation support for settlement purposes.

  • Litigation Support when the claim negotiation process has failed to yield an amicable solution and the parties have entered arbitration proceedings or litigation.

  • Construction Accounting and Auditing to include construction contract cost compliance audits, bankruptcy evaluations and fraud investigations.

  • Investigative and Forensic Engineering services to evaluate the performance of the A/E or the contractor (against industry standards), issues of professional liability and breach of contract, business interruption losses calculations, etc…

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