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As Construction Manager, FasTrack Associates does, in consultation with the Client, provide a full-time site staff (Site Engineer, Construction Superintendent, QA / QS Engineer, etc.) to control the construction activities of all contractors; duties performed include

  • Construction Schedule monitoring by oversight of the Contractors’ daily construction operations for progress and notifies the PM of any developing issues.

  • Overall on-site Management of the Construction Program to assist the Client in coordinating Contractor performance

  • Monitors Construction Operations Quality and triggers alerts if cost or quality issues develop; these alerts then allow the Client and the Owner Representative to define issues and select an action plan to resolve

  • Informally meet with the Contractors daily and Review Site Activity reports

  • Formally Meet Weekly with the Construction Contractors to review progress and Contractor’s adherence to safety plans. 

  • Compile and distribute Summary Meeting Minutes.

  • Maintains daily, weekly and monthly Site Picture Files for documentation and reporting purposes

  • Compiles and manages all Construction Documentation, including drawings, RFI’s, submittals, directives, non-conformance notices (NCN), deficiency lists, change order requests, and meeting minutes

  • Maintain Shop Drawings Submittal Log and coordinate review of Contractors’ shop submittals by the A/E, including inspection that work is continuing in conformance with the approved submittal. 

  • Review the Contractors’ Monthly Pay Requests and provide detailed recommendations to the Client

  • Develop a Contractor Insurance Documentation System to include required Contractor insurance certificates and “tickler” system to flag certificates approaching expiration. Maintain a Contractor Insurance Documentation File

  • Maintain a Redline Set of Drawings on-site. Final record drawings from the various contractors, certified by a registered land surveyor (as applicable), will be compiled

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